Those creepy, crawly little pests can pop up anywhere and everywhere. In the middle of the night, they’re there. Heading out for a peaceful day with family, they’re there. Minding your own business, just making dinner, they’re there! You know what I’m talking about…right? ANTs. Automatic Negative Thoughts.
The voices that speak those gentle reminders of how others judged or hurt you over the years, popping into your mind time and time again. No matter what you’re doing or thinking, they show up in the most random of moments, ready to steal away a crumb of your self-worth. UGH!

As a coach, it is with great pleasure to share 3 techniques to begin stomping out these ANTs.

  1. First and foremost, be aware of what you are thinking. What are you actually saying to yourself. Try writing it down in a journal and keeping track of the ANT so you can begin to identify it’s root and when it’s triggered into action.
  2. Start talking back truth to the ANT. Challenging the lie and reframing it is the key. “You don’t know what you are doing!” can be reframed to “Yes, you do know what you are doing and you are a natural at it!”
  3. Thoughts are thoughts and not necessarily facts. Yes, a thought is just a thought. It does not prove truth. Take time to identify your thoughts and see if you rule them or if they rule you. Taking the ANT captive and no longer allowing it to have the final say will begin to crush out it’s power and ultimately send it retreating.

So friends, get out your can of bug spray, which looks a whole lot like equipping yourself with help from your coach, and wipe out those ANTs for good!

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