You know that slow, coming to a stop that happens when you’re driving around with your dog in the car. The one where each turn you make is with one hand on the wheel, the other one holding the dog, at about 5 miles an hour. That real Sunday driver kind of driving that only someone carrying precious cargo actually uses. It’s that same slow, deliberate, careful kind of pace that paved the way for the death of my dream.

There I was cruising along when slowly but surely over the course of several months, sign after sign popped up. DANGER WATCH FOR LOOSE COMMITMENTS. YIELD TO ONCOMING CHAOS. STOP FOR LACK OF BOUNDARIES. While these signs were helpful warnings, I was genuinely disappointed to see them at all. I knew what was coming up ahead. The last of the big, bold signs, WARNING, DYING DREAM AHEAD.

I do know, like any death, there is a grieving process that has to occur and I am still in some of that. However, I have come to the place of understanding and accepting that I now have a choice. Yes, a dream has died out…but, I can create a new one. Precious cargo out of the vehicle, pedal to the floor, both hands on the wheel and I’m staring straight into the eye of a new opportunity…a new dream. It may have some remnants of the older model, but it is new and hot off the showroom floor.

The end of a dream is the closure of a series of hopes and visions, but it does not mean the closure of all hope and all vision. Take risk again and give life to a new dream. Fuel it with new hope and new images of all it could be. Understanding that dream creation and dream death is a part of life. Often times it’s out of loss that we can create the fullest expression of what we ultimately are hoping for.

3 thoughts to “The Life and Death of a Dream

  • shelley fagan

    Well put Brandi. I am so proud of you and direction you are headed. Much luck and love on your journey.

  • Johnc775

    Definitely, what a fantastic website and informative posts, I definitely will bookmark your blog.All the Best! deffeegddgee

  • Sharon Frye

    You have been working hard Brandi and it shows! Way to go.


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